Office team

Our office team are a very important part of the treating team, and are involved in many aspects of the patients management. They are critical assisting in scheduling appointments for investigations, reviews by other specialists and coordinating treatment logistics.

Our team is highly experienced in organizing the most time effective program for patients so that tests, results and treatments are expedited. They are also able to make your life easier in terms of negotiations with Health funds and obtaining benefits.

Please call them as needed. They are there to help with any questions with regards to any aspect of the practice.

Julie Robertson

Practice Manager
Julie manages the office team for all sites.

She is experienced in all facets of guiding our patients through the administrative maze of health funds and hospitals.

Julie enjoys working with our patients to help them on the road to recovery.

Julie Leyton
In charge of John Fawkner Practice
She is involved in the coordination of patient management.

Julie puts a lot of effort into patient care and coordination of their therapy.


Erin McCarthy
Erin McCarthy works at both Epworth and John Fawkner.

She is very compassionate and understanding of patient concerns.


Kelly Neville
Kelly Neville is an experienced and organised Medical receptionist.

She is the smiling face at the front desk of Epworth.

Kelly is a passionate runner.