1st appointment

The thought of the first appointment with your your oncologist can be daunting, but actually it is likely to be a pleasant experience. Most patients feel relieved after the appointment, and glad that a plan of action to deal with their illness is being put into place.

The appointment can take from 20 minutes, even up to an hour or longer.

We suggest you arrive about 10 minutes early for your appointment so that you do not feel rushed. Get somebody to come with you as a support person

Your oncologist will go over your history, examine you  and review results of tests so far.


Often, further tests and another review may be needed before a treatment program can be discussed with you.

At your first appointment remember to bring:


  • the referral letter from your doctor
  • any recent X-rays or scans
  • a list of your current medications and allergies
  • your Medicare card
  • your Private Health insurance details if you have it
  • a completed patient registration form – download here (will open in a new window)
  • any questions about your illness that you have written down. See our list of suggested question
  • a support person to help you
  • a person who can help interpret for you, if you do not feel confident in English