Second opinion review

Not all cancer treatment needs a second opinion or cancer review. If your treatment is meeting your goals, then a second opinion may not be needed.

Second opinions are often helpful to patients in reassuring them that the treatment they are receiving is the right one for them.

Many cancers can be treated in different ways to achieve the best result.

The optimal therapy for one patient may not be suitable for another patient. This may be because of age, other illnesses or other factors.

Choosing the best therapy should not rely on ‘dr google’.

In our second opinions we will review you, your treatments and the current results. In general we will come up with recommendations to aid in your ongoing management by your current team.

Further tests or biopsies may be advised to ensure that you receive the best plan for your ongoing therapy.

A written report will be given to you at the end of the process.

A referral from your family doctor or specialist is preferred to allow you to get the maximal Medicare rebate.

Please call 03 9069 8282 to set up an appointment. Mention that this is a second opinion to ensure that we allow the appropriate length of time for our review.

The more information you send in prior to the appointment (X-rays letters histology details of your treatment etc) the better.