Multidisciplinary care is a team approach to managing your overall cancer treatment and future care.

Cancer treatment is complex and it often needs a number of different experts to be involved in treatment care. Therefore to optimise the care of patients with cancer, we have set up a number of different cancer multidisciplinary team meetings.

Medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, radiologists and other team members get together to discuss your care and advise on your treatment plan.

Depending as to where your case will be discussed, the team meeting is held either weekly or fortnightly. Usually, your specialist will present your case for discussion. The presentation will include the important and relevant parts of your medical history, past history, diagnosis and results. Often the pathology of your biopsy is reviewed and examined. The x-rays and scans may also be reviewed at this time. With this information the team will make recommendations and advise on your care.

These recommendation from the meeting will be discussed with you in a detailed and frank manner by your specialist.

The doctor will explain the team opinion in easy to understand language. Then, with your input, a treatment plan will be established for your best optimal care. The goals of care will be defined with you. This process make take more than one visit or consultation.

There are no out of pocket costs for you arising from the meeting, but Medicare may be billed by one or more of the doctors for attending and discussion of your case.

Patients usually do not attend these meetings except in very unusual circumstances.

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